Spa Spotlight: Zoëtry Casa Del Mar Los Cabos

One of the most memorable parts of your stay at Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts is our luxurious spa experience. Our Sueños del Mar spa at Zoëtry Casa Del Mar Los Cabos spans more than 5,000 sq. ft. and offers guests truly one-of-a-kind spa treatments that are found nowhere else.

Enjoy a massage in one of the luxurious cabins in the spa at Zoëtry Casa del Mar.

Enjoy a massage in one of the luxurious cabins in the spa at Zoëtry Casa del Mar.

Here are just a few treatments available:

  • Oxygenating-This deep-cleansing method uses water and other molecules that bring oxygen directly to the skin. Designed for those with dull or dehydrated skin, this treatment will have your pores fresh and glowing in no time.
  • Floral Neuro-Aroma Ritual Massage-This full-body massage draws upon techniques from ancient India that target specific areas and make stress simply melt away. Let your mind be at peace as you receive your massage, complete with heated sachets filled with a blend of seeds and flowers.
  • Diamond Magnetic Treatment-This high-end treatment is completely unique from anything you have ever experienced. It begins by balancing your chakras (bodily energy flows) using semi-precious gems. Then, a diamond-based mud mixture is smoothed on and removed with a sensational electromagnetic massage.
  • Vitamin “C” Sun Repair Facial-After basking in the sun all day at Zoëtry Casa Del Mar, you will appreciate this wonderful facial’s ability to restore your skin back to its normal state. A delightful combination of Rosa Mosqueta seeds and special Vitamin C serum will have your skin feeling healthy again in no time.
  • Lifting Shock-Worried that your dry, beach skin is giving you more wrinkles? Try this amazing lifting shock treatment, which uses high concentrations of collagen and amino acids to give your skin that youthful feel.

Love these options? Check out all of the choices for your personalized spa experience here! Simply book your appointment upon arrival at Zoëtry Casa Del Mar, and get ready to unwind.