Points of Interest Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana: Isla Saona

While staying at Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana, guests have the opportunity to visit Isla Saona, a small yet beautiful island off the southeast shore of the Dominican Republic. The island, deemed an official nature reserve by the Dominican government, is home to a wide array of tropical animals. It is particularly well-known for its pristine beaches and abundance of natural sandbars, which provide visitors with an excellent snorkeling experience.

Christopher Columbus discovered this gem of the Caribbean Sea on his second voyage to North America in 1494. Saona was actually named in honor of Savona, Italy, where Columbus resided at the time. The two locations still continue their close partnership to this day—Saona even boasts a small power plant that was a gift from the Italian city.

Due to its easy access and supreme natural beauty, guests at Zoëtry Agua should definitely check out Isla Saona for a memorable day trip during their stay!


Saona Island (in Spanish Isla Saona) is a tropical island located a short distance from the mainland on the south-east tip of the Dominican Republic.

For transportation to the island, there are several catamaran tours that host daily boat trips there. Speak with your concierge today to book your extraordinary day trip!

Points of Interest: El Arco

El Arco or “Lands End” is one of Mexico’s most famous natural wonders. Guests at Zoëtry Casa del Mar can visit this distinctive rock formation located at the southern tip of Cabo San Lucas. Every year visitors flock to El Arco to not only enjoy the beautiful view but it also offers adventurous snorkeling, whale watching expeditions and it’s a popular spot for sea lions to congregate.

If you are planning a visit to Zoëtry Casa del Mar, El Arco is a must-see destination in Cabo San Lucas!

El Arco Cabo San Lucas

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