Serenity at Sueños del Mar Spa at Zoëtry Casa del Mar

Serenity awaits you at Sueños del Mar Spa at Zoëtry Casa del Mar Los Cabos. Our full-service spa is a tranquil place to relax, rejuvenate and refresh your mind, body and soul.  Countless treatments are on the spa menu so we have highlighted a few of our most popular ones to help you make your selections.

Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, couples massage, Floral Neuro-Aroma Ritual, Zoëtry Exclusive Facial and our signature holistic ritual Zoëtry Sueños del Mar are a few of the favorite treatments that our guests enjoy.  All couples massages take place on the beach in an open-air cabin so you can still enjoy the wonderful surroundings of our resort.

Our signature holistic ritual, Zoetry Sueños del Mar, is inspired by the Japanese healing technique, Reiki, to transport you through a journey where your mind, body and spirit become one.  It is inspired by the most powerful elements of nature- earth, wind, water and fire.  This unique treatment takes place at the secluded beach palapa and you will be welcomed with copal, natural incense, followed by a followed by a relaxing massage performed with Damiana oil, desert plan native to the region. Quartz crystals are also used to induce a meditative state.

Another popular ritual we offer is Floral Neuro-Aroma Ritual, a sumptuous massage inspired by the kingdom of Siam and India (Ayurveda). The techniques performed in this floral massage combine oriental wisdom to offer a complete massage from head to toe using the therapist’s expert hands and floral sachets filled with a blend of seeds and flowers that are activated with heat. You will feel a complete sense of well-being and total relaxation after this soothing treatment.

For a complete list of treatments offered at the spa please visit our website for our spa menu.  If you’d like to make your spa reservations before your arrival, email our Spa Manager  ( to book your treatment today!

The Science of Good Vibrations

By Guest Blogger Charles Wills

Sound is a mechanical vibration that travels through matter as a waveform. Every thought and every spoken word creates a vibration. When a sound wave strikes an object, it causes the object to vibrate. This leads to the method to detect sound, which requires changing that vibration into some other type of signal—usually electrical.
It is believed that sound waves help to make up an electromagnetic aura that exudes from each person. This aura is impacted by the sounds from your surroundings which can impact your overall health and wellness.

Think of the contrast between a jackhammer and the ocean. A beeping alarm or singing birds. By counteracting negative sounds that alter your body’s natural rhythms and introducing healing tones, it allows you restore harmonious vibrations to your energy field.

So why not introduce good vibrations into your daily life? You might be surprised how much this small change can reduce stress and increase your happiness.  Or better yet, book a vacation to Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts to experience a truly serene environment that bears no resemblance to the hectic tempo and noises of everyday life.

About the blogger: Charles Wills is the founder of The Wills System which is an innovative wellness program designed to deliver powerful results and lasting wellness. He is dedicated to helping others find real, but non-invasive solutions to stress, anxiety, weight and digestive problems, memory loss and other health issues. His system is currently available exclusively at Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts. For more information, visit

How Artificial Light Affects Food Cravings

By Guest Blogger Charles Wills

The light bulb was one of the greatest inventions of all time. Can you imagine what life would be like without artificial light? How would you see at night? Would you need to be home by sunset? How would this affect your nightlife or relaxation time in the evenings?

Although there are many benefits to artificial light, did you know that exposure to long hours of artificial light can actually make you crave carbohydrates? Over thousands of years, our subconscious minds have been conditioned and fine-tuned to react to light based on the natural instinct of feast-or-famine and ultimate survival.

So how does this work?

  • Long hours of artificial light trick your mind into believing its summer.
  • To prepare you for the shorter, colder days during winter when, in another place and time, you would have had less access to food, your brain signals famine to your internal controls.
  • Famine on the horizon signifies instinctive carbohydrate craving to store fat for hibernation and scarcity.

This storage is accomplished by:

  • Increasing carbohydrate consumption until your body makes so much insulin you become insulin resistant.
  • The extra carbohydrates are now stored as fat.
  • Your liver kicks into high gear to process the extra sugar caused by high cholesterol, which in turn, stops your cell membranes from freezing to death due to low temperatures.

Although times have changed, and it is no longer necessary to hibernate during winter and eat as many carbohydrates as possible during summer, this explanation provides some insight into why extended exposure to light can cause you to subconsciously crave carbohydrates. It is important to be aware of this so you do not eat too many carbs month after month, year after year, which can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and inevitably heart disease.

But wait, exposure to light also has many benefits! It contains the three main ingredients (Dopamine, Serotonin and Melatonin) that help you maintain balance in your life. Light can affect feelings such as being:

  • Happy or Sad
  • Healthy or Sick
  • Relaxed or Stressed
  • Paranoid or Trusting

I hope this article helped you gain a better understanding of how light can affect your food cravings as well as your emotional feelings. Remember you are the one responsible for your health!

I am here at Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts offering you the chance to really make a change, with tools that will enable you to follow through for the rest of your life. Stay tuned for future posts.

Charles Wills   
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