Everyone Should Enjoy Endless Privileges

For those of you who have never stayed with us before, you may find yourself asking “is Endless Privileges® all it’s really cracked up to be?” Rather than hearing it from us, we thought we’d take the opportunity to highlight some comments from a recent guest that were published on the Apple Vacations Blog.

Chau Tran recently took a family vacation to Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana. Her experience at our resort was so great, that it has now become her “benchmark for measuring future resort experiences and what an amazing trip should be.” This exact feeling is something we strive to achieve with each and every one of our guests who stay with us. Our goal is not only to meet expectations, but to exceed them and set a new precedence for what should be expected of a vacation experience.

Keep reading for more details about Chau’s stay at Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana.

What was Chau’s first impression of our resort?
 “From the moment I stepped foot into Zoëtry, I fell in love.”

How did Chau describe the ambiance at the resort?
 “Zoëtry Agua is located on an isolated stretch of beach that gives the resort an exclusive feel. Although we were advised the resort was full, it never felt crowded. Beach chairs were always available and there was never a wait for anything.”

What is an example of how the resort catered to Chau’s family?
“Nonchalantly, I mentioned to a staff member how much my family and I enjoy coconut milk. From the time I made that remark, until the day I left the resort, the staff made sure to have fresh coconuts waiting for us as we arrived at the beach even though I never officially asked.”

Why was it difficult for Chau and her family to leave Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana?
“Due to the small size of the resort, guests are able to become familiar with the staff and vice versa. The staff catered to our every need, if we wanted something, they found a way to get it to us. They made sure you felt like Zoëtry was your second home. It made leaving so much more difficult, because not only are you leaving stunning surroundings, it feels like you are also saying goodbye to good friends.”

Click here to read Chau’s full blog.

A snapshot from Chau's stay at Zoëtry Agua

Never Wanting to Leave Zoëtry Casa del Mar

Have you ever been on vacation, where you felt like you truly “never wanted to leave”? Well that is exactly what happened to recent guests Stephanie and Terry Diehl. Following their stay, Stephanie posted a blog that provided a great overview of their stay at Zoëtry Casa del Mar Los Cabos, as well as the service and amenities guests can expect to receive as part of the Endless Privileges® offered at our resort. 

Here’s a little sample of what Stephanie had to say about our resort:

The lobby of this boutique hotel is reminiscent of a hacienda courtyard with a calming candlelit fountain. It is home to 32 “uber-sweet” suites with Endless Privileges® and amenities. Some of my personal favorite Endless Privileges® are:

  • High thread count linens- This is one resort where I like to stay in bed, they’re so comfy!
  • Bvlgari® bath amenities- I miss the delicate scent of white tea and musk.
  • A welcome bottle of Tequila- YES, I love Tequila!
  • Bottle of champagne with fresh fruit in room each day- what a GREAT way to start the day, mimosas in the morning.
  • Daily stocked mini bar with premium beverages, Deli snacks – Ours had cans of cashews, pistachios, peanuts and almonds. Shamefully I admit, I nicked a couple for the flight home.
  • Special decorations celebrating honeymoons and anniversaries
  • Jacuzzi and rain shower- yes, every suite at Zoetry has a Jacuzzi tub.
  • 24-hour in room private dining- the room service staff got to know us quite well.
  • Complimentary wireless Internet access- FABULOUS for those of us who MUST stay plugged in when we travel!
  • Direct dial cordless telephone with UNLIMITED worldwide calling –especially nice if you have to check business calls or have family at home.
  • Teak furnished private terrace- you’ll find no crappy plastic furnishings here, a pet peeve of mine at upscale resorts. 

Please click here to read the full blog on TravelDesigned.com. You can also check out some candid photos from their stay below!

Courtyard at Zoëtry Casa del Mar

Welcome bottle of tequila

View from the room

Ballenas Bar

Guest Review of Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana: Natalia Rocks!

At Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana, we pride ourselves on providing Endless Privileges®, luxurious accommodations and superior customer service to all of our guests. One of the benefits of staying at a boutique resort like Zoëtry Agua is the personalized attention you will receive from our management team and staff members. From the time you book your vacation until your return home, we are here to assist in any way we can.

We thought this recent review on Trip Advisor summed up the type of customer service you can expect at our resort. Take a look at what this recent guest had to say (and yes, we are on a first name basis with our guests!)

Natalia Rocks!

Spent a week in late October through early at the beautiful Zoetry Punta Cana. On landing we were welcomed home by Natalia and her team, given a brief tour of the resort and taken to our room, and what a room it was.

We visited when the pool was out of order. We had booked a swim out room and were advised by Natalia of the problem in advance. She offered to move us into a plunge pool suite so as to not be inconvenienced and the room was stunning, with a full living and dining room, two chaise lounges out back by the pool and all the amenities you’ve read about elsewhere. Before we knew it, champagne, ceviche and nachos were set out on our dining table. Yes, we were very happy.

Despite lots of activity while we were there–corporate types being on the property, pool problems, fully booked house, Natalia was everywhere greeting people, checking in, making sure things were in order and arranging accommodations when problems arose and always with a smile on her face and a a bright attitude. Kudos to Natalia who makes this a premier resort.

Read the full review here.

Guest Experience at Zoetry’s Paraiso de la Bonita

We love featuring recent guests on our blog! We recently stumbled upon a blog called The Wash Experience, which included a post about Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita.  We thought the blog truly reflected the motto at our resort “The Art of Living”. Check out the post below. Thanks Carine & Patrick for sharing your experience!

Viva Mexico – Viva Zoetry’s Paraiso de la Bonita

The art of doing nothing – It doesn’t mean loafing away, idly passing time. Doing nothing means the willingness to switch off from external distractions and worries. It means being happy to be in our present surroundings and at peace with ourselves. Real silence is relaxing and reinvigorating. The art of doing nothing involves gaining an inner preparation, a mental stillness and cultivating and cultivating an inner peace which gives meaning to our outer life. Believe me, we tried this and it actually worked!

Guest Review: Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana

We love receiving feedback from all of our guests at Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana, especially when it’s coming from someone who truly enjoyed their stay with us.  Take a look at what this guest had to say about his recent vacation at our resort. We thought this Trip Advisor review was short, sweet and to the point. In fact, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!


What a completely delightful place. Words can barely describe how wonderful Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana is. The beach, the room, the pools, the food, the beverage, the activities were all superb. The best, however, are the people who are always there to accommodate your every need. I cannot wait to return. Mi novia and I are going back in December and only hope it all wasn’t just a wonderful dream. When you go, be sure to wake up at least one morning to enjoy the sunrise, you will never forget it. Tomas