Meet the team bringing you the latest from your favorite resorts! From the luxurious accommodations, to the delicious food, to the pristine beaches, they’re here to give you an inside look at your next great vacation. Happy planning!

bio_finalMichelle Barry

An amateur foodie, there’s nothing I love more than trying new restaurants with my friends and family. Who doesn’t love good company and great food? But while I find almost everything to be delicious, I just can’t help myself around sweet treats! And the only thing bigger than my sweet tooth is my appetite for travel!

I wanted the opportunity to fully immerse myself in another culture so I packed my bags and headed to Ireland. While visiting the many sites of the beautiful country, I fell head over heels for travel. Lo and behold, a few years later I found myself working in the tourism industry!

Overwhelmed by the amazing options we have? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you pick out which suite to book, which restaurant to try first and what drinks will have you swimming back up to the bar for more! Because an Endless Privileges® , Unlimited-Luxury®, and an Unlimited-Fun® vacation will always leave you dreaming!

blog image 3Courtney Pugh

Born and raised in a small town I always knew one thing growing up…”I Need To Get Out of Here!!!” Sorry Mom, but while I will always hold my rural upbringing close to heart, travel continues to be a number one goal. Traveling to different parts of the world, interacting with the local residents and experiencing what everyday life is like for people half way across the globe is something that will never cease to amaze me!

Now- planes, trains and automobiles..and the occasional donkey, have allowed me to experience a whole new world. I consider it my duty to the other small towners itching to get out, to share my experiences.

Everything from the feel of the sand on the beaches, to the taste of the authentic cuisine or the breathtaking sights from paradise, I am here for you! Experience Endless Privileges®, Unlimited-Luxury® and Unlimited-Fun®  through my eyes. Don’t believe me? Book a trip and come see of yourself!

543176_102805369860679_780346687_n[1]Zuko Garcia

I, more than anyone, understand the joy of experiencing a beautiful, passionate country because Mexico is my home! I love to share the things I love about my country with new people every day. I get to see first-hand the joy a well-deserved vacation can bring.

I’ll be giving you a first-hand account of the goings-on down here in paradise! I’ll try my best to transport you to the beaches, restaurants and spas. When you’re here, every day is a celebration and I want to give you a taste. Come visit me soon!

6 thoughts on “Bloggers

  1. Zoetry looks like it has everything and anything to pamper each and every guest in the best possible way! I have definitely added your locations to my bucket list!

  2. My husband and I booked an anniversary vacation at the Dominican Republic facility and were very dissapointed in the resort. The mosquitos were relentless and the air conditioning in our room did not function properly. Also, having a time share sales person disrupt us every day on the beach was unprofessional to say the least!
    The management did not respond to our (and many other) complaints about the mosquitos. Other guests were also complaining about them.
    I would not recommend this resort to anyone.

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  4. I am pretty sure my wife and i stayed at this resort about 11 years ago but it had another name and was owned by a Spanish Family. Is this correct? Do you know the prior name?

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