About this Blog

What does “well” mean? In good health. Sound in body and mind. A spring or natural source of water.  Proper, fitting, or gratifying.

Just like the multi-faceted nature of this blog’s title, this blog will provide tips for being your best self and ideas on how to live artfully at home, all while providing a look inside Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts.

5 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Can we see some in depth information on the Golden Bear? I am visiting in February 2010 and the resort has been great with answering questions, but I know there are many out there wanting the details (ie on Tripadvisor). Where is the location compared to the sanctuary, access to beaches, shuttles, dining menus, activities available, more pictures!, are there any all inclusive options or breakfast/dinner options, etc…

    • I don’t believe that AMResorts is managing Golden Bear anymore.
      There is an active manager posting on Trip Advisor recently though.

  2. My wife and I just returned from two weeks at the Zoetry in Punta Cana. Natalia and her staff did a wonderful job taking care of some of our special needs.

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