Happy WOW Wednesday from Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana!

Congratulations on making it halfway through the week! Today, we have a beautiful WOW story to share with you from our very own, Zoëtry® Agua Punta Cana!

As a refresh, a WOW story highlights a particular instance in which a resort went above or beyond for a guest or group. Read on and check out how Zoëtry Agua created a memorable moment for an artistic beach goer!

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Happy WOW Wednesday from Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana!

During his stay at Zoëtry Agua, Martin spent his mornings building sand sculptures, decorating the resort’s beach with his beautiful creations. Taking note of his routine and knowing that he would be practicing his craft each day while on property, the resort’s beach staff began to prepare for his arrivals, reserving a special area just for him with bottles of water, fresh towels, refreshing body spray and coconut water.

The Zoëtry Agua team realized how much Martin enjoyed making his sand sculptures on the property’s beach so housekeeping and reception staff members, as well as the concierges, decided to plan a special surprise for him at the end of his stay.

During checkout, they gifted him a personalized, handcrafted picture frame, which said “Thank you for your art, Martin,” along with a photo album displaying each one of his sand sculptures designed on the beach.

The talented guest did not expect the tremendous surprise and could not hide his emotion. Full of gratitude, he said, “I will return soon, and I will let you know when so you can get my equipment ready for me to continue creating sculptures, which is my passion.”

Then, Martin embraced his butler and thanked every single one of the Zoëtry Agua team members for their time, dedication to detail and personalized service.

We are proud of the staff of Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana for going above and beyond to Martin’s stay – one he will never forget. Keep checking back for more great WOW stories from our resorts!

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