World’s Best Hotel Bathrooms: Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana

Do you find yourself constantly seeking out the world’s best bathroom? Well, maybe not, but you can count on the writers at to help! In a series called ‘Luxe Lavs,’ some of the top travel journalists spotlight the world’s best hotel bathrooms and, recently, Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana made the list!

In honor of the summer season, last month’s Luxe Lavs highlighted “The Coolest Outdoor Showers from Around the World.” Zoëtry Agua was chosen for its natural outdoor showers surrounded by natural flora, eco-friendly treatments and décor, multiple shower jet settings, and more.

… the eco-experience of showering outdoors on a private patio made from eco-friendly materials. Natural stones, hardwoods, cathedral ceilings and cane thatched roofs surround guests as they relax and massage under multiple shower jet settings.  With a nod to the Dominican Republic’s history, Zoetry Agua provides Spanish products, Natura Bisse, for guests’ outdoor shower treatments.  Local flora landscapes the private patios and local artists’ stone-work adds small touches to the shower experience.

Read the rest of the review here and make sure you reserve your stay at Zoëtry Agua to experience one of the “world’s coolest outdoor showers.”


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