Make it at Home: Coconut Mango Mojito

Our guests at Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts love the serenity and peaceful atmosphere of our resorts.  They also like to enjoy many different specialty cocktails that literally send them off on their tropical vacation.  Today, we would like to share one of our guest favorites, Coconut Mango Mojitos.  This way, everyone can enjoy our delicious tropical drinks after returning home from vacation!  They are easy to make and sure to refresh your vacation spirit. Enjoy!

Coconut Mango MojitosMango_Mojito

6-8 fresh mint leaves

2 1/2 oz. of simple syrup (simple syrup is one part water, one part sugar dissolved)

1 oz. of coconut rum

1 1/2 oz. of club soda

1 mango, ripe peeled and chopped

the juice of two limes


Combine  ripe mango in a food processor (or high speed blender) with the juice of 1 lime, and process until smooth.

In the bottom of a glass, add 1 oz. of simple syrup and the mint leaves. Muddle with a muddler or simply use the back of a heavy-duty spoon. Add ice to the glass and add rum, syrup, mangos, lime juice and club soda. Mix with a long spoon or knife and serve with mint leaves.


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