The Benefits of Running on the Beach

Everyone loves a long walk on the beach, but how about a nice run on the beach?  Here at Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts the beautiful sandy beaches are an often overlooked opportunity for top notch luxury-style exercise.  A jog on the sand will give you a great workout, while providing you with endless breathtaking views and a meditative soundtrack to get your mind in better shape, too.  You can soak in some sun while you run, and take a nice cool dip in the ocean right when you’re finished.  Running on sand has many advantages to running on other surfaces, and is healthier too.  When you run on sand, the ever-changing surface not only engages a wider variety of muscles and burns more calories; it is easier on joints because of the lessened impact.  This, combined with fresh ocean air, makes the beach one of the best workout places on earth.

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