The Health Benefits of Avocado

The avocado, a staple ingredient in countless Mexican food dishes, has been used for years not only for its great taste, but also for the health benefits it provides. Besides being a key ingredient in our famous guacamole at Zoëtry Wellness and Spa Resorts, the avocado offers numerous skincare advantages and aids in disease prevention. So, the next time you’re planning a summer meal, be sure that the avocado makes it onto your plate!

Here are just a few of the benefits the avocado has to offer:

Avocado Promotes Eye Health: Avocado contains certain nutrients that help prevent degeneration of the eye, as well as cataracts.

Avocado Lowers Cholesterol: Avocados are rich in beta-sistosterol, which has been proven effective in reducing cholesterol levels.

Avocado Prevents Strokes: In addition to fostering heart health, the high amount of folate in avocados has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke.

Avocado Protects Against Cancer: The nutrients in avocados, such as oleic acid, help protect us from three types of cancer: prostate, oral and breast cancer.

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