Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita Celebrates Mexican Holiday Dia de la Condelaria

Today Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita Riviera Maya is celebrating the Mexican holiday Dia de la Condelaria also know as Candelmas  or Candel Mass. This is a tradition that is a fusion between the Catholics and the pre-Hispanics observed each year on February 2nd. 

We are celebrating with our guests by serving a variety of delicious tamales at Kaax restaurant. Don’t miss the opportunity to try this delicious Mexican dish! Tamales are  the traditional dish enjoyed in Mexico on February 2nd. It is also widely known as a follow-up to the celebration of Dia de Reyes or Kings Day on January 6th. It is customary to celebrate “Dia de Reyes” with the traditional sweet bread Rosca de Reyes with dried fruits and sugar and baby Jesus figurines hidden inside. Each person cuts a slice of bread and those who discover a figurine in their piece will host and make tamales for the party celebrated on February 2nd at the Candlemas Day!

This is also an occasion where friends and family get together. In addition to Dia de la Condelaria, February 2nd also marks the mid-way point between the winter solstice and spring equinox for the pre-Hispanic cultures and has long been thought to be a marker or predictor of the weather to come, which is why it is also celebrated as “Groundhog Day” in many other locations around the world. This is a time to start preparing for spring.

Traditional mix-tamales plate, with chicken tamale, beef tamale and strawberry tamale

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