Yoga for Beginners

At Zoëtry Wellness and Spa Resorts, we offer a number of fitness classes for guests to enjoy during their stay with us. One of our most popular classes is yoga and many guests say it’s the perfect way to start their day! Yoga not only builds strength, but also relaxes the mind and body.

Below are a few yoga poses for beginners that can help guests bring the relaxation of their vacation home with them.

Butterfly: Sit with your knees close to your chest. Relax your knees out to either side, and gently press the bottoms of your feet together. Hold your feet or your ankles. Lean forward slightly.

Boat Pose: Sit down with knees close to your chest and place feet on the floor. Keeping your body close to vertical, hold behind your knees and lift your feet to bring shins parallel to the ground. Release your hands and stretch arms straight forward. Lean back slightly as you stretch your legs toward straight.

Downward Dog: Start on your hands and knees, shoulders over wrists, toes tucked. Make a tall “V” shape by lifting hips straight up, sinking upper chest and shoulders, and relaxing down the backs of legs into your heels.

Reclining Goddess: Lie down flat on your back. Lift both knees up, bringing your feet right behind your hips. Let your knees fall open to either side, bringing the bottoms of your feet together.

One thought on “Yoga for Beginners

  1. LOVE the ZEN Feeling I get when I am at ZoetryResorts! Just got back from another Trip to Zoetry Casa Del Mar Los Cabos and really feel refreshed and renewed!

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