Rainbow of Margaritas at Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita

In celebration of National Margarita Day, we put together a beautiful and colorful variety of some of our favorite Margaritas at Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita. After all, you can’t visit Mexico without at least tasting this delicious and refreshing cocktail. Have you visited us before? Which Margarita flavor was your favorite?

Golden Cadillac Margarita & Martini Margarita
Mango Margarita & Strawberry Margarita
Blue Margarita & Margarita on the rocks
Rainbow of Margaritas
Our bartender Jorge – the creator of the Margaritas!

3 thoughts on “Rainbow of Margaritas at Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita

  1. LOVE Jorge and the Ritas he makes at Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita! They are MAGICAL! After all Jorge is Bartender Extrodinare! And Zoetry is where LIFE, ART and ZEN meet to make MAGIC!

  2. Mmmmmm! Yes, I have been and I sincerely look forward to returning. I had the margarita on the rocks and it was fantastic. Can’t wait to try the others ….the mango sounds superb!

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