Review of The Wills Wellness System

Zoëtry Casa del Mar Los Cabos is proud to offer an exclusive and revolutionary approach to achieving optimal health through a combination of innovative techniques and practices based on the proven scientific connections between the mind and body. Guests of Zoëtry Casa del Mar have the opportunity to be taken into a new world of wellness, led by Charles Wills, the founder of “The Wills Wellness System,” as he optimizes their health and enables them to lead more vibrant lives.

Check out the excerpt from a recent Trip Advisor review below for real feedback from a satisfied guest.

“Working with Charles definitely improved my life!”

Within our first meeting at the Zoëtry Casa del Mar resort, Charles started to inform me about his wellness approach and the influence on stress and the way my body reacts on it – e.g. not being able to get a good sleep. Within the three sessions we had during my stay at the Zoetry resort, Charles educated me in an enhanced breathing technique and made me familiar with other techniques in order to improve not only my sleep quality but also to gain back my energy and overall a better state of health.

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One thought on “Review of The Wills Wellness System

  1. Charlie,

    This is Debbie Kaiser and I would really like to get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please call me 530-368-2256.
    Thank you!

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