Coco Cafe at Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana

Coffee is the Dominican national non-alcoholic drink. It is a wonderfully rich and dark roasted coffee. Everyone drinks it and it is considered a great source of national pride. To refuse an offer of a cafecito is seen as ungracious at best, and sometimes downright unpatriotic!

Dominican coffee was originally from Africa and was brought over to the island of Hispaniola in the eighteenth century by the Spanish colonists. Today, coffee beans are cultivated in several parts of the Dominican Republic – the remote lush mountainsides of the south western provinces of Azua, Bani and Bahoruco, and the verdant slopes of the northern cordilleras in Moca, San Francisco and Salcedo, among others.

When you’re visiting the Dominican Republic, it goes without saying that it is a MUST to try a cup of our renowned coffee and we have just the place to do so at our resort! The Coco Cafe at Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana is our on-site coffee house that rivals any Starbucks back in the U.S. We offer a wide selection of coffees, pastries and snacks for our guests to choose from.

While many locals prefer their coffee black/negro in a small cup with lots of sugar/azucar, you can try Cafe con Leche – coffee with milk or Cafe Americana – espresso coffee served with hot water to thin it out. One of the favorites among our guests is the icy black Dominican coffee.

Whatever you try, it is sure to taste wonderful and will give you that extra bounce in your step to enjoy your vacation even more.

Check out this picture of the Coco Cafe at Zoëtry Agua.

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