Incorporating Traditional Customs into Your Destination Wedding

Part of the experience of having your wedding in an exotic destination is incorporating the location’s traditional customs.  Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita recognizes this unique selling point and offers a variety of opportunities to help infuse Mexico’s rich culture into your wedding day.  These traditional touches can include: Mojigangas (traditional wedding dolls), a Mariachi band, or a “tournaboda” which is a late night snack of sopes, tacos, churros, etc that will give your guests energy after a night of drinking, dancing and celebrating.

A truly unique option is to select a Mayan wedding ceremony. The ceremony is performed on the beach to evoke all of the natural surroundings and is led by a shaman priest. It is accompanied by evocative music from pre-Hispanic instruments and intonations of the sacred conch shell as incense from the copal tree wafts through the air.

Encircled by their guests, the bride and groom stand with the shaman before an altar which has different colored floral representations for the four cardinal points. These points also symbolize the four Mayan gods of the cosmos. A candle in the center represents the unity of the feminine–Mother Earth, and the masculine–Cosmic Energy, which is lit by the shaman during the ceremony as he imparts ancient Mayan perceptions concerning the union of husband and wife.
This powerful ceremony is a mystical, unifying experience that will be of great significance for the married couple, as well as their guests.  Talk about a wedding that will always be remembered! To learn more about the Mayan ceremony and other unique features that only Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts can provide, visit the “I Do” section of our website!

4 thoughts on “Incorporating Traditional Customs into Your Destination Wedding

  1. How Beautiful these pictures are, and how meaningful the ceremony must have been to have the Mayan Culture represented!

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