Guest Blogger: Charles Wills

Sleep: The Fountain of Youth

By now we’ve all heard about human growth hormones, anti-aging clinics promising to increase your libido, your youthfulness, energy, memory, and all the other things associated with eternal youth. Programs ranging from $99 a month to $25,000 a year, but we’re all forgetting one important thing about the fountain of youth.

We all naturally produce our own human growth hormone, approximately every 2 hours, receiving a small dose. Magically, between 12 pm and 2 am, we receive by far our biggest and most important daily dose of human growth hormone, a.k.a. fountain of youth. Unfortunately, if we are not in a deep delta brain wave (sleep), during this brief 2 hours, we do not receive any of the magical hormones called HDH. If there is more than 2 lux worth of light in our bedroom (half of one candle light), it can block the release of 80% of our melatonin, which helps us get to that deep delta sleep to release our fountain of youth.

By now you started to ask yourself some questions like: What is a delta brain wave? Where does melatonin come from? How can I get in this deep state of sleep if I don’t even know what it is? One simple way to assure a chance of obtaining a deep delta brain wave and receiving our maximum dose of human growth hormone is to not use computers or television 2 hours prior to go into sleep, and if we must, buy a pair of rose color glasses that will help to block the lights that steal our human growth hormone a.k.a. the fountain of youth.

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