Inside Look: Thalassotherapy Center

On my last trip to Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita, I got the opportunity to tour the resort’s Thalassotherapy Center. Here are some of tid-bits I learned from my visit to the only certified center in North America.

Thalassotherapy is based on the use of a variety of marine elements to promote health and wellbeing. The therapeutic benefits of Thalassotherapy have been recognized for thousands of years by many ancient Mediterranean civilizations and recently validated by modern scientific studies and the European medical establishment. Thalassotherapy treatments are not only sensually stimulating, but are also highly recommended to relieve stress, detoxify the body, help with circulation problems and many more.

Zoëtry Paraiso’s center offers a wide variety of Thalasso programs. Here are some of the ones I was dying to try:

Thalasso Slimming and Anti-Cellulite Cure—Through a variety of steps this program is designed to have sliming results in as little as six days. Who wouldn’t want to come back from vacation looking fitter than when you left?

Thalasso Serenity and Anti-Stress Program—Allows guests to put their minds and bodies at rest in three to six days through a variety of treatments. You may believe that vacation is enough to relax and distress you, but after you see what is involved in this program you will know that you have never been truly relaxed before.

Restore your body to a state of harmony through Zoëtry Paraiso de la Bonita’s Thalasso Center & Spa’s indoor Jacuzzi Spa.

The outdoor Hydrotherapy sea-water pool at the Thalasso Center & Spa availabe to heal, revitalize and detoxify.

One of the many private massage cabins available to create a sensual experience to soothe the mind, body and soul.

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2 thoughts on “Inside Look: Thalassotherapy Center

  1. The spa at Zoetry Paraiso de la Bonita truly is world class! The therapies available are soothing, relaxing and healing all fitting into the Wellness Brand that Zoetry is! I also enjoyed the Temazcal Ritual with Shaman that is available there. So many special details that make Zoetry Paraiso a true blend of ART and LIFE!

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