A Day in the Life of a Yoga Instructor

Lisa Owens, a FitnessProTravel instructor, recently spent some time visiting us at Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana teaching yoga and other classes to our guests.

Here is what she had to say about her experience:

A Day at Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana

Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana is located just minutes from Dreams Punta Cana. It is very small, only 51 rooms, so being a part of the guest’s wellness experience is very personal.

This resort has a gorgeous beach. It is very long and I would approximate at least 250 yards, all lined with palm trees. This beach is kept in pristine condition. For a person that wants to walk or run alongside this white and hot-sanded beach, it’s expansive and smooth. There may be another resort close by, but I did not see it nor any people other than the guests basking under grass-covered umbrellas on Agua’s beach.

A restaurant named Indigo sits oceanfront offering International fare for lunch and dinner in a casual setting. There are cold drinks and comfortable couches to sit back and watch the waves roll by. Next to Indigo is the best pool area for aqua aerobics with a wooden deck perfect for you to stand on while teaching.

There are two additional restaurants. Open all day is Amaya, which is casual Spanish and Dominican cuisine. And finally, Fork is a fusion of International cuisine in a fine dining setting with rare vintage wines included. The combination of fine dining within the open and breezy room is truly unique. If you are too relaxed to leave your room for dinner, then 24-hour room service is included with your Endless Privileges™ package.

Walking through this resort I spot a number of perfect areas for pilates, yoga or meditation classes. Personally, I am a shade-dweller and would choose the spa are. The spa’s terrace is designed with wooden floors and pergola. The breezes drift through the open walls. Or take the class indoor the spa, listening to the pool fountain.

Zoëtry Agua’s fitness room is well equipped for cardio and sculpting. It is not very big, but does not need to be as the equipment is top notch and there are plenty of areas non-equipment activities. The fitness equipment is new.

Click here to read the rest of Lisa’s blog.

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of a Yoga Instructor

  1. When visiting Agua, I spent time in the gym and noticed the nice equipment. At a glance, it looks very new. Guests love their Agua experience, but the gym equipment can use some updating.

    As a staff member of Fit Bodies Inc. / Fitness Pro Travel, I assure equipment will be regularly assessed and improvements made. AMResorts just began operating Zoetry Agua and our relationship with them shows noting but future improvements for this resort!! We are thrilled to be a part of such a remarkable wellness name!

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