And the Winner is…

We had lots of wonderful entries into our Fairytale Ending contest. We can’t thank you all enough for sharing your love stories with us! But we all know what you are reading this for; you want to know which lucky couples’ dream will come true with a 4-night stay and complimentary wedding package at Zoëtry Casa Del Mar!

And the winner is…Keisha Packeira.

Here is the winning love story that the lucky couple shared with us:

Well Fairy Godmother here goes:

Once upon a time…

When I was 15 I made a friend. We talked all the time, about any and everything. We were so similar, both of us grew up without parents, raised by our grandmothers. We clicked. We became best friends for years then we started dating.

When I was 17 I fell in love in my best friend. He was the first boy I ever wanted to marry. I was so sure but we were young. We stayed together for as long as we could and then life happened. I went away to school, we broke up and after a while we lost touch for a long time.

I looked for him online and later learned that he looked for me too. We wanted to check up and see how the other was doing but we could never find each other. Then one day, on my sisters Facebook no less, I saw his cousin. I was curious and checked her friends and there he was. I messaged him and he asked for my number and called me right away. There is no fairy tale here, just real life. He was at the tail end of a bad divorce and I had just been through a bad break up. He had all but given up on feeling whole again and he says I saved him. I think we were meant to save each other.

We talked for hours and hours about every and any thing. Again we became friends and again I fell in love with the first boy I ever wanted to marry. Except he was all grown up now. It’s like fate and dreams coming true all rolled up into one.

It isn’t easy, we’re long distance but this time nothing is separating us. Nothing is dissuading us. It’s real and it’s worth the wait for the lifetime we’re going to be together. We’re engaged and I get to marry my first love and I feel so blessed.

We can’t wait to be a family and have a house full of Pretty Eyed Brown Skin Curly Haired Babies (as we call them:) ).

That’s the short version of our love story. The Reverend who has been doing the marriage counselling with us (via Skype) says that she believes we’re soulmates and I have to say that all frills aside, I truly believe that. You don’t often get a second chance and seldom is it as great as this has turned out to be.

… and they lived happily ever after, following an amazing wedding and honeymoon at Zoetry Casa del Mar graciously bestowed by their Fairy Godmother.

The End

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