Are you planning your dream wedding? We have the fairytale ending!

If I had the chance to do it all over, I would definitely plan my wedding and honeymoon to Zoetry  Casa del Mar. This ultra luxurious relaxing retreat is the perfect place to have your fairytale ending—the wedding and honeymoon of your dreams!

Feel free to call me the fairy godmother as I make one lucky couples’ wedding even sweeter with a free 4-night stay at Zoetry Casa del Mar and complimentary wedding package. All you have to do to be entered to win, is tell us your love story. Just post a comment below giving us a little insight into your relationship and become our fan on Facebook and you are entered to win!

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22 thoughts on “Are you planning your dream wedding? We have the fairytale ending!

  1. I am so excited you guys are doing this, it’s perfect. I’ve been planning to have my dream wedding at Zoetry Casa del Mar Los Cabos, this resort looks beyond beautiful. What better place could I find to say ” I DO” to the one man I love and want to spend the rest of my life with. I don’t think I could have found a better man than J.S.. We have our ups and downs but more ups, a relationship is not real if you don’t have your downs once in a while nothing/nobody is perfect and we have learned from our imperfections. We’ve been together for 5 years in this time we have learned, healed and grew as a couple. We are so different in many ways starting with our ethnicities, even though we are both born in the U.S.; we come from different backgrounds; our opinions don’t always coincide, we are like Protons and Electrons…Opposites Attract. The fact that we are different in many ways it doesn’t matter to us because we have a strong connection and has only got stronger with time. I could say what has kept us together for so long and hopefully forever and ever is that we strongly agree on our values, our goals for the future, our hobbies -with exception of foosball and disc golf-, the mutual respect in our relationship. J.S.’s sincerity, personality, caring for other people and getting along with my family very well are one of the main things that have made me fall straight up in love with him. My love story started 5 years ago when I met J.S. we’ve had many awesome times together it’s hard for me to pick a love story of us specially when I have a personality that is very weak for romanticism for example, 3 years ago, J.S. invited me to his house at the time and cooked a 5 course dinner, he made sure everything turned out just right and delicious, the wine, the conversation, it was a perfect romantic night! The next day when I was going to work I found in my purse, a scrap of paper that said “Have A Nice Day!” with a smiley face since then I’ve had that piece of paper taped in one of the walls of my office at work it always reminds me of that night when I see it. My favorite day of the year is Valentine’s Day that’s how cheesy I am and that is why I would absolutely love to have my wedding at Zoetry Casa del Mar Los Cabos I’ve seen the pictures that are uploaded in Facebook and the website, it seems like the most romantic place ever. I hope J.S. and I have the opportunity to celebrate our special day with you. I am a fan of Zoetry Casa del Mar!

  2. Suited perfectly, for eternity, me & you!

    My fiance and I met at a poker table, through mutual friends! He and I both enjoy playing Texas hold em’ and consider ourselves poker stars 🙂 I like to think that I’m his Queen of Hearts, and he is my Ace of Spades!

    After meeting each other in 2005, the things we had in common quickly surfaced, and we became great friends. We started dating in 2006, and have been two peas in a pod since. I am a marketing professional focusing on social media and he is a pharmaceutical sales representative. We enjoy our jobs, live in Michigan, and have a dog named Benjamin.

    We are planning a September 2010 wedding, and I am head over heals in love with him, and planning our wedding! I am officially a wedding planning bee – and love all things wedding. Visit my wordpress blog to learn more about me, and my fiance’! We would love to visit Zoetry for our honeymoon! I would also love to blog, promote, market and write reviews for Zoetry, if your team is looking for anything related, please email me!

  3. Adam and I met at our neighborhood coffee shop. We went to concerts, dinner, theatre, & our favorite coffeehouse. He even proposed there. He lost his job in December 2008 and was unemployeed for 9 months, when we decided to make our lives better. He has started in Law School in NYC thanks to a large scholarship. I stayed in the South with our dog, Daphne and the house.

    We are living a distance, but our love has never been stronger and continues to grow everyday. We are thrilled for our upcoming wedding in August and look forward to celebrating the joining of us in marriage with our families and friends.

    The financial strain of student expenses and living apart has eliminated the ability for us to afford our dream honeymoon. This trip woud be a true dream come true. Our dream honeymoon is a place where we can relax, connect, enjoy the beauty of nature and most importantly celebrate the begining of the rest of our lives.

    I’m also a fan on Facebook.

  4. I had given up on love. I was convinced that it was my fate to be single and work on my career for the rest of my life. I had lived in New York City for a year with a friend from college and we went out a lot and lived the single life. After about a year in New York, I realized that it was time for me to be close to my family in Texas. All of my family was in Texas and it only made sense for me to join them. Before moving home, I talked to my brother about the day to day things I was missing out on being so far away. He told me that he had a friend that really wanted to find a good girl. Being single and a good girl, I asked my brother if we would make a good match. My brother was always the older, protective type so you can predict that his answer was “Nah.” I put in my two weeks, packed what few things I had in my shoebox apartment, and boarded the plane. After arriving home safely, my family decided to have a late dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. This is where the love story begins. The friend that I wouldn’t make a good match with was at the restaurant with his family. They always say “When you know, you know.” And at that moment, I did. The best part about it – he felt the same way. We spent every moment together from then on. We were lucky enough to experience a dream vacation together to Zoetry Casa Del Mar at Christmas time. While there, I remember telling my mother “How amazing would it be to have a wedding on the beach here!” I could not take enough pictures on the trip and every day was so romantic. Rick(my match 🙂 ) and I have just recently moved into our first home together. We are starting our lives together and can’t wait to be married! He is the guy that I never thought I would find and thank God everyday because I have actually found him. This is OUR love story.

  5. My boyfriend and I have been together for a long time–coming up on ten years. We were young when we met (and only 28 & 30 now) and so our relationship has had its share of ups and downs. I could certainly write a romantic comedy or two (or four or more) about our relationship experiences over the years. But, based on my lack of knowledge on anything screenwriting, I consider entering your contest the next best thing!

    Now that we’re older–dare I say, grown-ups?–the true romantic moments in our relationship are filled with a lot less drama and a lot more depth. We don’t need to spend every minute together. We don’t need constant chatter (we read each other’s thoughts anyway). The quiet moments we spend together–they’re simple, they’re poignant, they’re the picture of how we’ll spend forever.

  6. I met the love of my life seven years ago. I worked for our local police department and had to do a ride along with some of the officers. They personally assigned me with Mike knowing that he would be a gentleman and he was. We connected on a very deep level but both were in relationships and nothing happened. We would talk on the phone every other week, but still nothing happened. At this same time I was going through a very personal issue. I was a victim of a sexual assault and was going through the court system. I had told nobody and really had no support. I knew that I was scared and needed somebody. I went to my work and told them what was happening and requested somebody to escort me in and out of the court house. Mike was the one assigned. I freaked out the day of my trial, but was able to do it with him by my side. Even during this time he was still just my friend. After a few years we lost touch, but I would always think of him. Once in a while we would cross paths, my heart would jump, but nothing. Then last year it finally happened I say him at a restaurant. He says he was awestruck and I say he couldn’t remember my name… haha… He says that a half of an hour later he went to kiss me on my cheek and I turned my head, I know that he kissed me on my lips. That night I told him don’t go falling in love with me, two days later I blurted out that I loved him and always have. This man really is my soul mate. He is the ONLY man I have ever felt 100% safe and secure with. He treats me like a queen. When he looks at me I see the way I feel shining back at me. Even if we didn’t win this contest it would be ok. All that matters is that I get forever with him. He is my other half…

  7. Talk about 6 degrees of separation = People always say that you never meet anyone that is marriage material in bar. And up until that point I would have to agree. I had a bad day and a friend of mine told me that she would take me out for a drink to talk about it. Well after getting to the bar, she called me and told me that she was not going to be able to make it after all she was still stuck at work. I decided that I would finish my drink and leave. Next think I know I looked up and this very handsome man was walking into the bar, then I realized that the only open seat was next to me, it was the seat I had been saving for my friend. He walked closer and closer then asked if this seat was taken. I told him no and that he could sit. I changed my mind and thought I might stay a little longer 🙂 So in trying to start up a conversation about ten minutes later I told him that his cologne smell good and I asked him what kind it was. He looked at me confused and told me he was not wearing any and it must be a peice of his daughters bubble gum. So realizing that I just made an idiot of myself, and already having a bad day I decide that I am just going to call it a night. I was waiting for the bartender to come back so I could get my check and he asked me if I had lived in this town for long. I told him that I have for 10 years and that I use to live over on Park Street but I just moved across town. He told me that he use to live on Park – after talking some more, we realized that we lived next door to each other for about a year and never met. I realized he was the cute guy that would mow his grass every saturday in the red shorts and he realized that I was the blonde girl that had the jeep! We both could not stop talking at this point, he had a dog that was a boxer and so did I, we were just amazed that we did not meet sooner. I asked him what brought him into the bar that night – and he told me it was his 40th birthday (9-11-08) and he was going to come in and grab one drink before he headed home for the evening since he promised his boss he would go have a little fun on his birthday. From that day on we have spent every moment together. He proposed on 11-10-09 which was a Tuesday. After he proposed and I of course said yes, he took me to the bar where we met and we sat in the exact seats we did that night, he even came up and asked if the seat was taken… 😉

  8. Khadir and Liz met the 3rd day of college a the University of Delaware in the Fall of 2002. You could call them the “will they or won’t they” couple of the century. After graduation the two parted ways. Liz began teaching at a private school and Khadir moved 500 miles away for Grad School. Who knew that when Khadir picked up the phone to call Liz one night, their lives would be forever changed. After a month of making goo goo eyes at each other via the phone, Liz decided to hop a flight to Columbus, OH to see if what they had were mere memories or something truly spectacular. When Liz got to the airport, she found out her flight was canceled and broke down into tears. Khadir got on the phone and ordered her to take the next flight out to a the next closest city which was over 3 hours away from him. A few hours later, Liz finally arrived and as she made her way down the airport escalator there was Khadir…yellow roses in hand sporting a big goofy grin. Liz knew at that moment that she was looking at the man she was going to marry. By the end of the weekend, the two said their “I love you’s” and 2 years later were engaged. They are currently planning their October 2010 wedding in a Cinderella-like castle venue. What more could they ask for? A fairytale honeymoon to Zoetry, free of airport cancellations 🙂

  9. Chris and I are not likely your typical wedding/honeymoon couple. We are in our mid 40’s, have four children between us, and have dated three separate times over a 25 year time period. To say we have history, is an understatement. We first met in college in a small Iowa community and dated for 2-3 years at that time. Being young and very different, we eventually split up and went our separate ways, not keeping in touch at all through the years. When I was in my mid 20’s, I moved to the west coast of the United States for ten years. During that time I became the mother of two wonderful kids, a daughter who is now 12, and a son who is 9.

    I moved back to Iowa in 2000 after my relationship became abusive. I had to start over and made a new life for myself and my children. I became employed with the state as a social worker for disabled people, I bought a home, I made friends. On Halloween, 2003 I was out Trick or Treating with my kids and kept seeing this man who looked familiar out with his kids. Through out the evening, we ended up at the same houses a few times. Finally, I asked his name. He said “Chris” and I knew exactly who it was. He didn’t recognize me right away and I had to tell him who I was. We were both so shocked to see each other 15 years after college, that we didn’t say too much. I asked if he lived in the neighborhood and he said, “no, he lived in the country, but chose this street to bring his kids trick or treating on.” I said I lived a few house down. How odd that of all the streets in our community of over 30,000 people, he chose my street. Since he had kids with him, I assumed he was married, he assumed the same about me. My phone number is unlisted, but he went through the county assessor’s office and got my address and wrote me a letter saying how surprised he’d been to see me, that he regretted not having talked more, and to call if I’d like to chat and catch up. For the next few days I couldn’t stop thinking of him. I did call and we met for drinks. We were together for the next four years. During that time we went through a lot.

    Chris has two kids of his own. His daughter is 13 now and his son is 9, like my own. He was newly divorced when we started dating. His ex-wife had primary custody of the children. This was not a good situation as she had a lot of problems and couldn’t provide a stable environment for the kids. Chris was very torn as he was fearful of being a single Dad, but in his heart knew that he couldn’t let his kids be at risk as they were. I convinced him that he was a good dad and together we worked very hard to convince the courts of that. He won custody of his children. This was the best thing in the world for Chris and the kids, but at the time, the worst thing for our relationship. Between his focus on his career and trying to learn to be the primary parent, our relationship quickly slid down the priority ladder. I was unhappy, which made the relationship unhappy for both of us. I eventually made the choice to end it with him in 2007. We remained friendly, our kids were still good friends. Eventually after some of the hurt feelings resolved, we became best friends.

    In July of 2009, Chris sold his home in the country to move into town, where his kids would have easier access to their friends and after school activities. Of course of all the streets in town, he moved to mine, just as years before he had chosen mine to take his kids Trick or Treating on. I only half jokingly told him that if he moved onto my street he would never be able to date anyone ever again. I didn’t want to drive by his house and see another woman’s car in the driveway. Within a few months he and I started dating again. Together we have furnished and decorated his home. We are now talking about selling my home and making plans for a life TOGETHER finally, all six of us.

    Ours isn’t the normal young couple in love story. It’s the story of two people who have grown separately and together over 25 years. It’s a story of supporting each other through hard times, custody battles, my son having brain surgery, his son’s struggles with ADHD. It’s a story of lasting and enduring friendship and love that has grown stronger as the years have gone by. We aren’t as young and as attractive as we once were, but we are more in love and attracted to one another now than we ever have been before. We saw a sign in a little shop at Christmas time that read, ‘It’s never too late for Happily Ever After”. I truly believe that with all my heart!

  10. My boyfriend Douglas and I have been together for 9 years and have known each other for 12. If you would have told me 12 years ago that he was the man I would end up marrying, I would have said that you were crazy. I didn’t even give him a second look-although he was (and still is) absolutly adorable. We both had other significant others at the time we met, and like most life stories go for those in their early twenties- those relationships fizzled out, and opened the door for us start ours. One day, 9 years ago, Douglas invited me to go out for dinner as friends. I remember pulling up to his house that night thinking I was exhausted and wanting to cancel. I reached for my cell phone to do just that when he walked out of his front door waving at me and ran over to my car. Something clicked that night and we have been together ever since. Many people say to me- “Oh my gosh…You’ve been together for 9 years and you aren’t married!?!?” I usually laugh and respond, “Yes 9 years… but you know what… 9 years is nothing compared to 90.” Being together 9 years has really shown me that “Yes, this is the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with!” He knows the best of me and the worst of me. He supports me and I support him. We balance each other and learn about each other every day. Even when times are tough- especially in this economy- we put our heads together and support each other. There is a saying,”We are not living in eternity. We only have this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand – and melting like a snowflake.” We choose to live our life and show our love for each other daily, remembering this.

  11. Well Fairy Godmother 🙂 here goes:

    Once upon a time…

    When I was 15 I made a friend. We talked all the time, about any and everything. We were so similar, both of us grew up without parents, raised by our grandmothers. We clicked. We became best friends for years then we started dating.

    When I was 17 I fell in love in my best friend. He was the first boy I ever wanted to marry. I was so sure but we were young. We stayed together for as long as we could and then life happened. I went away to school, we broke up and after a while we lost touch for a long time.

    I looked for him online and later learned that he looked for me too. We wanted to check up and see how the other was doing but we could never find each other. Then one day, on my sisters Facebook no less, I saw his cousin. I was curious and checked her friends and there he was. I messaged him and he asked for my number and called me right away. There is no fairy tale here, just real life. He was at the tail end of a bad divorce and I had just been through a bad break up. He had all but given up on feeling whole again and he says I saved him. I think we were meant to save each other.

    We talked for hours and hours about every and any thing. Again we became friends and again I fell in love with the first boy I ever wanted to marry. Except he was all grown up now. It’s like fate and dreams coming true all rolled up into one.

    It isn’t easy, we’re long distance but this time nothing is separating us. Nothing is dissuading us. It’s real and it’s worth the wait for the lifetime we’re going to be together. We’re engaged and I get to marry my first love and I feel so blessed.

    We can’t wait to be a family and have a house full of Pretty Eyed Brown Skin Curly Haired Babies (as we call them:) ).

    That’s the short version of our love story. The Reverend who has been doing the marriage counselling with us (via Skype 🙂 ) says that she believes we’re soulmates and I have to say that all frills aside, I truly believe that. You don’t often get a second chance and seldom is it as great as this has turned out to be.

    … and they lived happily ever after, following an amazing wedding and honeymoon at Zoetry Casa del Mar graciously bestowed by their Fairy Godmother.

    The End 😉

  12. I have been planning my wedding since i was about 6 years old, and one of the most important things to me was to have my family and friends there with me, supporting me make those sacred vows to the man i loved. I met my partner 6 years ago, we are from completly different backgrounds, spoke different languages and couldnt be more opposite if we tried, but it works!! I live thousands of miles away from my friends and family, a sacrifice that is at times not easy but something i have been willing to do. In turn my partner loves and protects me enough to compensate for the absence of other loved ones.

    My weddng was planned for the 19th of june 2010, only a few weeks from now, but as some of those who are invited feel i should not marry another with a different skin colour to myself i felt hurt as i desperatly love my family, but i canceled the wedding and broke my partners heart. However now every time i look at the beautiful 3 year old girl we have together i think how can anyone question if this union is right, how can a union so wrong make such a healthy, beautiful little person. I love my partner with all my heart and allthough the dream of having all my family with me is not to be, the most important thing that should indeed be present is our love and commitment to each other and nothing else. Please help me make this day truly memorable and happy. Love is not a colour!!

  13. My fiance Adam always says that he saw the back of me while I was climbing the patio stairs at a 4th of July BBQ and said to his friends “I want to meet THAT girl!” The rest of the night, it was his mission to meet and charm me. When he cured my hiccups by finding me a spoonful of peanut butter to nibble on, I was definitely charmed. As we began dating, we both realized we had found our dream partner in each other. Four years and many adventures later, we were celebrating our dating anniversary by skydiving, something we had always wanted to do. It was exhilarating and awe-inspiring to jump from a perfectly good airplane and see the world as the birds see it.
    I thought I was as euphoric as I could ever be when we landed.

    I was wrong. There waiting for me on the ground was the man of my dreams on one knee, asking me to marry him. He had planned the whole engagement on a whim only a few days earlier. He said he had already been saving up for a ring for a while, and it dawned on him that this jump was so symbolic of our relationship and taking the next step, that he could not wait any longer. He had called my mother to ask for my hand, called the Skydive company to set everything up, and bought the ring all in the span of a few days before our jump!
    I told him it was the most well-planned rash decision ever.
    Oh–and I told him YES!

  14. I found my soul mate 6 years ago and he has been my rock, my once in a lifetime love and very best friend ever since; but he and I are not who I am writing about. I instead believe my husband’s brother Steven and his amazing fiance Courtney are completely deserving of a wedding and honeymoon at your flawless resort. I honestly couldn’t imagine two people more in love and more perfect for one another and it has been an honor to watch their love grow and flourish.

    These two met through mutual friends a year and a half ago after they both left their homestates and moved to Denver. They started out just friends but as they spent more and more time together they realized there was something more there. Steven had gone through a difficult break-up a year prior and was having a hard time reopening his wounded heart but Courtney did something to him and in February 2009 they became an official couple. Soon after, Courtney learned she had been selected for a PHD grant in Europe and after only a few months into their relationship she picked up and moved to Amsterdam. Steven stayed home caring for her dog and they continued their relationship thanks to the wonderful world of technology. Most new couple’s wouldn’t be able to withstand the distance but they made it work and reiterated my belief that absense really does make the heart grow fonder.

    After Courtney’s grant in Europe ended, she moved home for a few weeks and then picked up again and moved to Costa Rica to continue her PHD thesis work on healthcare in underdeveloped countries. Steven made it a point to visit her there as much as possible and has used any and all vacation he has to go down there to visit. On February 18, 2010, their one year anniversary, he asked her to marry him on the beaches of Costa Rica. She was shocked, as were we all since he didn’t tell a soul of him plans except the jeweler her picked the ring out from. Of course she said yes and they have been trying to plan their dream wedding ever since.

    These two deserve this wedding because their love is so pure and selfless and I want them to enjoy every minute of their new journey together. They are rare beautiful souls and I know if they were able to marry each other at Zoëtry, their fairy tale would be complete. In Steven’s words to the four year old girl who adores him, “Courtney is my princess and I am going to marry her”.

  15. I can’t believe you are giving away this wonderful wedding package! It is the most perfect time to give it away. My finance, Billy and I were engaged on December 19, 2010 in Chicago at the Sears Tower. It was super romantic and yes I cried:) Immediately after getting engaged we both knew we wanted a destination wedding. We are paying for our own wedding so we knew a destination wedding would be the most economical way for us to go. Our date is set for 9/10/11 which is also my birthday and it falls on a Saturday!
    I have been researching a lot of resorts for the wedding and I have also looked at the Zoetry Casa del Mar before even seeing this post. I thought the resort would be a great place for our friends and family to go to for a very intimate experience and they will leave feeling rejuvenated, which is what we want for everyone.
    A little background about us we were introduced to each other by mutual friends and at first I was a little hesitate about going on a date with Billy, but he grew on me over the next couple weeks and I knew we would be together for a long time. That long time has turned into almost 8 wonderful years! No joke, it has been absolutely wonderful, I have never been happier:) I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of life without him, he makes it work. Tear, Tear…
    Honestly, it would mean a ton for Billy and I and our family and friends for you to pick us for this wonderful opportunity.

    Thank You and I am also a fan!

  16. I had gotten out of a six year relationship and decided to call up an old friend I used to play Xbox with. We started dating last year and have been inseparable since. I had been praying to god to have a man like my grandfather….someone to love me unconditionally no matter what! Well, they are both garbage men, both are big and tall with the coolest blue eyes, and my fiancé’s middle name is my grandpas first name….weird huh!? I really got what I asked for!
    So here comes the sad part, we wanted to get married soon because we know what we want. My fiancé’s family isn’t supportive because they think it is too fast. (We marry in May) We booked a trip to Mexico; we desperately wanted to go to the zoetry!! But we didn’t have the money. We booked somewhere and had to cancel our trip there because of financial burdens that came up. We aren’t going to have a fairy tale wedding or a fairy tale honeymoon. We have 2 friends who have cancer that we found out a month ago, and to make matters worse, my grandma is dying and she may have her funeral around our wedding. We don’t know what is going to happen! WE just love each other and want to be married. Even if we don’t get our fairytale wedding or honeymoon… least God gave me my prince! But a vacation would be really nice about now!!!

  17. Zoetry, l know that you are looking for a couple to get married and have their honeymoon at Zoetry but I would like to offer a different approach and maybe you would consider a vowel renewal and a very well deserved honeymoon! My husband and I married in 1994. The day and night before our wedding we had a blizzard and then the temp. dropped to -8 below zero. Needless to say a lot of wedding guests did not show and the one’s that did come went out to a dead car after the reception! So while the dj was announcing the father daughter dance my dad was out in the parking lot trying to help guests get their cars started!!

    That’s not all that happened! On our first night as husband and wife we were both awakened to horrible stomach pains and numerous trips to the bathroom. Great way to spend your first night together. Well come to find out, everyone we talked to had the same thing! Seventy five percent of the guests at our reception plus all of the wedding party had contracted food poisoning!!! So people always remember our wedding, not for how beautiful it was but for the cold and food poisoning. WOW. We had scheduled a few days to Vegas for the honeymoon. We still had to go and I was sick the entire time. So this was not the greatest way to start a marriage!! Memorable though!

    We were married for 9 years and had one daughter, unfortunatly we did divorce. There just seemed to be issues that we could not work out. We tried couples therapy and everything. The one thing we did do right was put our daughter first, it didn’t matter what we were going through we always had respect for each other and treated each other well. Especially to her.

    During our divorce we finally started talking and actually starting working things out. We realized that we did have everything we just needed to listen and communicate with each other. We will always feel bad that our daughter had to go through it but it was the best thing that every happened to us. So we decided to get married again. We wanted to have our family back together again.

    We decided that we would re-marry with just the two of us and our daughter. We had never taken a family trip together and my husband had frequent flier miles from work so we thought we would go to Walt Disney World. I found a minister online that would do a nice quiet and simple ceremony with just the three of us. We bought new rings for each other and also one for her so that it would be a marriage of our entire family. Right before the trip there was a hurricane headed towards Orlando but then it curved out and went out towards the ocean. So we left for the trip, we did have one nice day there. Then hurrican Gene looped completely around and hit Orlando. We were in lock down for 2 solid days in our room, with an 8 year old! We were not allowed to leave our room at. all.

    That was almost 6 years ago, we have since had another daughter who is almost 3. We will be together for the long haul. We love our family and are happy that we have learned to listen and communicate with each other.The love was always there, we just needed to learn a few things. So in total we have been married 16 years and together for 20 years.

    Zoetry, I hope you can empathize with both of our wedding stories! They are unique!! I hope that you will consider a relationship that is ready and willing to make a commitment to each other again. A relationship that knows all the difficulties in life. Children, jobs, illnesses, aging parents and their illnesses, etc. And this couple is still willing to say I do again forever. And a nice little honeymoon would be fun too!!

    Thank you for your time and consideration
    Chris Ritenauer

  18. Dear Fairy Godmother,

    Roses are Red and Violets are Blue this “LOVE” Story started way back in High School. My name is Aaron and this story started way back when I asked this girl to the senior prom. She told me no back then and doesn’t even remember me asking her. We were always just friends over the years and even went on a Group High School Grad Trip to Jamaica back in 1990. Still just friends on that trip, we came back and went our separate ways. Neither one of us has ever been married. I never heard from her or anyone over the years from high school until my sister-in-law asked me to join Facebook. So I joined Facebook in January of 2009 and got in contact with old friends. Sharon was one of them, and we started hanging out just as friends having a good time going here, going there. She asked me to go with her to Mexico for a vacation last fall Nov. 09. So I agreed and we ending up going to Los Cabos, out of all places to go. We stayed at the Melia Real where we fell in love, just two doors down from the Casa del Mar. We have been inseparable ever since, and wondered how life would have turned out for us if she just would have said yes to being my date for the senior prom almost 20 years ago. What a dream and surprise it would be to give her that Fantasy Wedding of a lifetime where we fell in “LOVE”.

    Casa del Mar is “ABSOLUTELY” the place to be to have that Fairytale Wedding Fantasy……

    ❤ The end ❤

    Loving Cabo in the Fall,

    Don Juan DeOliveira

    P.S. I guess you can Blame it on Mexico but she's the reason that I fell in love again for my last time.

  19. My love story began on the day of my birthday, i was 24 years old. I just got off a relationship when i met my husband to be, my Bbi as i love to call him. I met him at University.
    It appeared so unreal, almost magical when we met, he was, physically speaking, what i’ve been looking for and when we got to know each other a little bit more, we realized that we complemented each other very much, on a lot of things, cooking, we both love to cook, he’s even better than me,on music, games, debates, family values, etc. We talked a lot, but we only started dating seriously a year after. I guess we were both ready for a serious relationship.
    It’s been 6 years now since we are together, i can say we grew together, and we see the future together. We have of couse our diffrences but we consider that it helps us know the other person and situations where we disagree will happen, it’s normal in every relationship.

    Now we’re planning to have the wedding in december 2010, and my father in law passed away early this year, this is a big loss for my fiance, for us both! We’re planning and we are thinking about him a lot and it could be overwhelming to think that he will not be there to see his son getting married and he was always a big fan of us, giving us good advice on how we to live together, being in sync with each other.

    Fortunatly, even with this unfortunate event, we feel more in love than ever, and we want to get married, we want to start a family and we want to support each other in everything we do, and love each other, that’s the strenght of our couple.

    This paradise destination could only be a complement to our story and a good start to what we envision our futur to be.

  20. We met in 1987 at Columbia Middle School, in Appling, GA. Crazy huh? But, we lost touch over the years and reconnected when Alana finally decided to join the 21st Century and sign up for Facebook. We reconnected face-to-face in October 2008, at Strip a restaurant in Atlanta. Over the course of the next several months we would see each other during Alana’s trips to Atlanta or during Tito’s visits with family in the Charlotte area.

  21. My high school sweetheart and I have been together for the last 29 years. We never had an opportunity to have a wedding or any special event to celebrate our marriage. We have two beautiful children who have brought so much joy to our lives. What a wonderful way to celebrate our 30 year anniversary with a renewing of vows at Zoëtry Casa del Mar in beautiful Los Cabos.

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