Guest Blogger: Charles Wills

Does this path have a heart?

Look at every path closely and deliberately, and ask yourself this critical question: does this path have a heart? If your answer is yes, than the path is good. If your answer is no, than this path is of no use. This may seem simple but until each of us learns to look at every path this way, our health, life, sleep, stress levels, weight and general mood are all affected.

The Wills System and the Laws of Love has developed a program that helps guests increase happiness, heal sorrow and regret and bond them in healthy, life-enhancing relationships. In this program, we teach participants how to sue these simple yet powerful laws of love, which allow them to form better relationships with their friends, lovers, parents, children, coworkers and even strangers.

I have personally experienced this in the last three months of my life and would have never been able to move on without these techniques that I worked on for so many years to help both you and myself   The power of the heart plus, the mind body connection that only The Wills System has been able to show so many, enabled me and now you to do this.

Are you ready to be young again? I hope so! Come follow us.

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3 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Charles Wills

  1. Charles is truly a remarkable gentleman, I met him in April of last year and he helped me get a healing of the mind and heart! One of the things that Charles says is …”Its the LAW” and the LAW that he refers to is “Love ALWAYS WINS”… I just love that! And I think of it often!

  2. Such simple thoughts, but so many try to make too much out of everything and create stress. I can’t wait to try this new Zoetry and discover Charles Wills. What an incredible combination! Now, to get this on the schedule and my husband there too. He will be so into this as a wellness chiropractor!

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