Guest Blog Post: Charles Wills

As founder of The Wills System, a program based on achieving optimal wellness naturally, I see a variety of individuals, couples and families dealing with issues that rob their lives of health and happiness. In my 16 years of research, I have gone beyond conventional western medicine to find the root cause of why our bodies and mind react adversely to the many stressors in our environment and life.

At Zoëtry, each of our guests receive a comprehensive, multi-dimensional wellness regimen that will help them learn to eliminate stress, quiet their minds, return to normal sleep patterns, resolve weight issues, increase memory and intellect, eliminate pain, reconnect with themselves and their love ones.

By offering you a variety of specialized experiences, we can target your issues and help you obtain the results you seek. Our popular “Weight Control” experience will inspire you to attain and maintain an optimal and healthy weight. My staff and I guide you through new approaches to weight management that are custom designed for you. This approach goes far beyond the present day’s fads, trends and misconceptions such as “wine is a health food.”

Most people don’t know that red wine can keep anyone from obtaining the optimal weight loss they desire. Nearly 30 years ago, David J.A. Jenkins, MD, PhD, DSc, ranked many common foods on a 100-point scale. The higher the value, the greater effect a food or drink would have on increasing the amount of glucose in the bloodstream—an unfavorable result for both diabetics and those looking to shed pounds.

Red wine rates high on this 100-point scale, causing the body to glycate and stop the natural weight loss process. The pancreas has to produce a lot of insulin to take the sugar from the wine out of the bloodstream. This excess sugar goes to fat cells to be stored for a rainy day. The body then turns this stored sugar into free fatty acids that should be released back into the bloodstream when the blood-sugar level is low. However, since insulin blocks release of free fatty acids or our stored sugar, the body can’t get to its energy and the person eats more causing glucose levels to go up again. At the end of the day, weight has been gained from storing sugar in the fat cells.

To rejuvenate your body and restore natural health and balance, explore this and many other experiences my team and I offer by visiting

In my next blog, I will discuss sleeping complaints and provide tips on sleeping more soundly that will work for everyone.

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