It’s all fun & games…

… when you are the Corporate Director of Entertainment at AMResorts, parent company of Dreams, Secrets and Zoëtry Resorts & Spas.  For today’s blogging fun, we bring you a guest article penned by the King of Entertainment, Rod Gahr.Rod opening


Being the Corporate Director of Entertainment is quite the challenge!  Most would say & think “it’s all fun and games!”  And, for the most part, it’s true.  Having the full responsibility of ensuring guests are happy, laughing and entertained is one of the best jobs you can imagine, but it also comes along with its fair share of major planning, thought process & most importantly FOLLOW UP!!!  In the past few years with the major expansion of AMResorts, my job been quite the whirlwind, always on the go, always on the move.  It is quite entertaining to come home from work and realize that I’ve had breakfast in the Dominican Republic, lunch in Miami and dinner in Cancun!!!!

The best part of the job are the openings, although I spent last Christmas Eve dinner sitting in a tree house at 2 am eating rice and beans and watching 20 Dominican workers finish building our Explorer’s Club. It’s quite rewarding when you see all the families enjoying the facilities and you can look back years from now and take pride in knowing, “We created that!”  Each opening reflects a complete different set of challenges, visions and the urge to constantly outdo ourselves, expand, create and mature.  .

Currently, I’m back in a hard hat and work boots on site in a single-wide trailer in the parking lot of the new Dreams Riviera Cancun, which is truly going to be a spectacular family & friends resort encompassing the best entertaining ideas and concepts that we’ve ever created in our properties.  There are some major surprises in store for guests who vacation here, it’s truly going to be “something to remember.”
So in closing, if you’re dreaming of…

  1. watching the Superbowl while laying in a lounge chair with a bucket of beer on a Caribbean beach with a 30-foot screen;
  2. finding a resort where your kids never want to leave the Explorer’s club;
  3. dancing the night away under the stars;
  4. laughing at your partner being hypnotized;
  5. kicking it American Style at every single traditional holiday celebration;

…you’ll find it at Zoëtry Wellness and Spa Resorts and Secrets & Dreams Resorts & Spas, courtesy of Rod and his fantastic team of entertainers!

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